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AFA Accredited Financial Analyst - Financial Planner Certified Chartered Certifications ™


Mission - Global Academy of Finance and Management ®

Our Philosophy - Accredited education and exams from an accredited institution represent the highest standards in education and professional development.


  1. Representing the professional interests of financial analysts, accountants, and management consultants. 
  2. Serving the community and citizens to enable greater knowledge of relevant events.
  3. Promoting research and analysis of the issues in a scientific way.
  4. Promoting quality in education provided in economics, public policy, law, and government.
  5. Civil Rights for All - including Diversity for all people.
  6. Augment career opportunities for members in academia, government, civil society.
  7. Strengthening news and media with qualified members for commentary and research.
  8. Encouraging ethics and professionalism standards.
  9. Recognizing excellence in the profession.

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